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Voice for Young Children

Young voices need special care so that there is no harm or damage as a result of lessons or singing of any kind.  Lessons for young children have different goals than for older students.  Number one priority is always healthy singing with no harmful belting or yelling/singing.  There are ways to project out a song without placing undue stress on the extremely small vocal folds of young children.

The second priority will be building good habits that can carry over into lessons as the student gets older.  Breathing deeply and freely is a very big part of this activity, as well as good posture and easy movement of the body.

Normally, voice lessons for young children are indicated when the child is showing an early talent and/or is in a performing organization or any music program where solos by children are encouraged.  For this reason, I do require a consultation lesson prior to any agreement for lessons.  I ask that the parent respect my judgment and decision if I recommend that the student wait until a little older before beginning voice lessons, or if the recommendation is that we choose together to do a combination lesson where the priority will be piano ‘with a little singing’.

If there is a reason to discontinue voice lessons for a young student, I will carefully work with the parent to make sure that the student is able to accept the change without having hurt feelings!

Voice lessons for young children will be 40 minutes and there will be a variety of methods used to enhance the overall music education experience for the student while working on the healthy singing that is preferred.

Please refer to the tab for "Voice Lessons" for additional information on voice lessons, particularly as applies to the Covid19 considerations.