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Piano/Keyboard/Organ Lessons

Piano, keyboard, and organ lessons will enable the student to have a comprehensive understanding of keyboard techniques, music theory, and general musicianship skills.  Lessons will include age-appropriate lesson topics, technique studies, music theory, new songs each week, and performance repertoire.

An introductory packet for new students will be mailed to the student and will include weekly practice plans, stickers to use when appropriate, a music pencil, staff paper, and worksheets to begin lessons.  Subsequent papers will be emailed to the student's parent and will need to be printed at home as needed for the progression of lessons.

Students must have the ability to log onto Zoom for their lessons.  The student should log on a few minutes ahead of their lesson time and will be "admitted" to the lesson at the time of the scheduled lesson.  Please let the teacher know if there are any problems logging on to Zoom and help will be provided.

Your piano lesson will be a combination of hands-on work on the piano and/or keyboard, and will include time working on music theory, on paper and when possible, on the computer.  If you have a 40 minute lesson, you will spend at least 10 minutes on music theory.  If you have a 55 minute lesson, you will spend at least 20 minutes on music theory.  The 55 minute lesson is only advisable for students who are at least an intermediate ability level and who are interested in comprehensive music education, including song writing, music composition, and advanced music theory.

Organ lessons will concentrate on skilled hand and pedal techniques, along with acoustic exploration of sounds and stops on the organ.  The basic ability to play a hymn on a keyboard is required before organ lessons may begin.  Practice time will need to be arranged if there is no organ at home.  Please call to discuss any questions you might have about lessons and about practice on the organ.  During this time of Covid19 safety considerations, organ lessons will have to be taken only on a home instrument.  After we have passed all the safety considerations, organ lessons may be taken on a church organ as permitted by the church.

Each student will have a Practice Plan written for the week that includes tracking the amount of practice each day.  This Practice Plan will enable the parents to assist and encourage each student in their practice.  Parents of younger students will be asked to keep track of the practice page each week so that various prizes and stickers will be well-earned!

Lessons for siblings will be carefully designed to reduce any rivalry in the lessons or in practice.  Siblings will always work with different method books to avoid any duplication of songs and other music activities.

PENCILS ONLY for all lessons!  Big Rule in Music:  No ink in music please!


The Practice/Lesson Instrument

Please review the recommendations for an instrument that appears under "Instruments for Teaching and Practice."  Your instrument must be in a good place in the home that is conducive to good practice, plus, the area should have great lighting.  Check the height of the stool or chair for the student.  The forearm should be parallel with the floor when playing.  If you have siblings taking lessons at the same time, make sure the difference in height is accommodated for both students.

Ivory Tickles

Since practicing the piano is a somewhat solitary experience, students are encouraged to prepare performance music that can be shared with other piano and voice students.  Students will be invited to participate in periodic ‘Ivory Tickles’ for students only.  These one-hour fun/party style classes will be held two or three times per year on Fridays, and will provide incentive, experience, and enhanced confidence for the students.  There will also be various music activities at the Ivory Tickles that will be just for fun.

During the Covid19 considerations, the Ivory Tickles will take place on Zoom with invitations sent to each student.  Any group activities will be emailed to the students prior to time of the event so that everything can be printed at home in advance.  Ivory Tickles are for students only - no parents allowed (except to troubleshoot on the computer!).

The Ivory Tickles will provide an opportunity to explore acoustics, rhythm circles, creating musical instruments, etc. and to give a group experience for music learning that is supportive for all students.  Groups of students will be organized based on age and musical experience and skills.  There is no requirement for a student to play a performance piece at the Ivory Tickles, but all students will be encouraged to do so.