Types of Lessons

Lessons for all ages are available in voice, piano, and organ as well as general music for homeschool students.  Lessons range from basic beginners of all ages up to professional concert preparation.

When appropriate, a lesson could be used to support the learning needs of students on the autism spectrum or students with developmental challenges.  Those lessons would not take the same format of a traditional music lessons, but would focus on the specific needs of the student.  This is not a 'music therapy' session, but we all know that music is therapy at all times.  Through the use of music, a student can work on improving communication skills, learning songs, improving fine motor control, and when possible, learn to play an instrument as well.

In addition, lessons may include a variety of topics of interest such as:
  • music theory
  • sight singing
  • conducting
  • composition and music writing
  • audition preparation
  • performance techniques
  • accompanying techniques
  • musical theater coaching
  • speech and language articulation
  • adaptations for low-vision and blind students
  • accommodations for developmental disabilities

Please use the lesson menu to the left to view specific information on your preferred type of lesson.