The Team: Student, Parent and Teacher

Parents - your task is to encourage and support progress.  And give praise for all good work!  A good timeframe for practice and positive reinforcements are all that is needed.  Students should plan to practice each day for the same amount of time as the lesson length.

Students and parents should set aside a specific time for practice each week so that a minimum of five days of practice is standard.  For young students, it is sometimes beneficial to have two short practice times each day - perhaps before and after school or homework.

Parents are welcome in each lesson and for younger students, you are encouraged to listen in on the lessons.  In addition, due to safety requirements, parents are expected to remain in the building in the waiting area outside the studio space during the lessons.  At no time should a sibling be allowed to wander in the building unattended.  There will be toys, puzzles and books available in the waiting area for siblings of the students.

It is especially important that the parents ensure that siblings who are taking lessons at the same time never engage in competitive conversations with each other.  Lessons are very carefully designed for siblings in order to eliminate anything resembling competition.

It is best if the parent does not interject or correct the student during the lesson so that I will be able to shape the lesson completely for the student.  If behavioral assistance is needed, then I would prefer to work privately with the parent to make a good plan for intervention as needed.

Piano students should be ready for their lesson with clean hands and clipped finger nails!

Voice students should be ready for singing.  No eating just prior to a lesson!  A bottle or glass of water is sometimes helpful for singers to bring to lessons.

During normal lesson times, I will not be answering the phone.  Please send a text message or leave a voice message and I will make a return phone call when possible or at the end of the lesson day.

It is my sincere desire that with my teaching and your support and effort (with encouragement, praise, and structure when needed), we will form an effective team.  By working together, we can make music one of the most enjoyable experiences that you or your child will ever have.  Music can and will create a positive future for all students!