Lesson Fees

  • Lesson fees are $25 for a 40-minute lesson, $37.50 for a 55-minute lesson.
  • Group lesson fees for 2 students in a 40 minute lesson will be $16 per student per lesson.
  • Group lesson fees for 3 students in a 55 minute lesson will be $15 per student per lesson.
  • Lessons will be paid in advance for one month.  Lesson fees not paid by the 10th of the month are subject to a $10 late payment fee.
  • Payment is due on the first lesson of the month and may be paid by check or cash.  Receipts are given for cash payments.
  • Checks should be made out to Kay Standifer, not 'Standifer Music Studio'.
  • A statement will be prepared in advance for each month, indicating the weeks of lessons and holidays for that particular month.  The statement for the next month will be given to the student on the last lesson of the current month.  Adjustments will be made as needed for the previous month's excused/cancelled lessons.  If a make-up lesson has been scheduled, the time and day will be noted on the statement.  An email statement will also be sent to the parent approximately one week before payment is due.
  • If a lesson book has been provided to the student at any time during the month, the amount of that charge will be included in the next monthly statement.
  • Returned checks will necessitate payment of all of my actual bank charges incurred for the returned check.  There is no additional fee for returned checks.  In the case of a second returned check, future payments must be cash.
  • A lesson may be excused for illness and emergencies only and I, as the teacher, will be the sole judge of validity.  However, if no notification has been given, there will be no adjustment or credit for the lesson.
  • Please respect my need to remain healthy:  please cancel a lesson with as much advance notice as possible in the case of illness.  Don't share your illness with me or others!  Text or phone message will suffice.  I will reply to indicate that the message has been received.
  • With 24 hour notification, lessons may be rescheduled for later in the week when school or other activities conflict with the lesson schedule.  Rescheduled lessons should be limited to one per month.  A different lesson time may be requested in the case of consistent conflicts.
  • Non-emergency, last minute cancellations or no-shows will necessitate charging for the full lesson.  No make-up lesson, refund, or credit will be issued.