Holidays and Studio Closings

Lessons will not be held on the following dates.  There will be no charge on the monthly statement for these dates.  Religious holiday closings are noted below.  Some of these dates will be available as noted for make-up lessons.

  • New Year's Day!
  • Martin Luther King Day (Make-ups available)
  • President's Day (Make-ups available)
  • Passover (if celebrated in your home)
  • Good Friday (if celebrated in your home)
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (if celebrated in your home)
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Hanukkah (if the lesson time is in conflict in your family plans)
  • Any other holiday that is celebrated in your home that falls on a lesson day.



The Standifer Music Studio will be closed for the following time periods:

The school break period at the end of December.

Teacher Vacation during the summer as announced in advance.



 As a private teacher, I am not affiliated with any school district.  Non-contact days, teacher in-service workshops, parent-teacher conferences, school vacations, etc. do not affect your lesson schedule.  All lessons normally scheduled for those days will be held.  If you make family plans for those types of days that interfere with your regularly scheduled lesson, then your lesson must be re-scheduled at another time or be considered a non-excused absence.  I am not able to accommodate these types of lesson cancellations since the lesson time is a reserved time only for each student.  For week-long school vacations, let me know in advance of conflicts so we can find an alternative lesson day and time or schedule a make-up lesson.