Group Lessons

Group lessons may be arranged with approval.  Voice or piano lessons may be taught in a group lesson. Group lessons are not appropriate for siblings. 

Group lessons will be 40 minutes for two students and 55 minutes for three students.  Age ranges must be within 1 year of age or grade level for the group lessons, and students must be of similar musical level.  Lesson fees are adjusted according to the size of the group and the length of lessons.

Lesson policies for group lessons will be the same as for individual lessons.  Please see the appropriate tabs to the left for specific information.

Arrangements for group lessons will be considered to be binding for five months of lessons, grouped into two time periods:  September through January, and/or February through June.  Adjustments will be made in the monthly group lesson fees for the vacation, weather, and holiday studio closings as they occur each month.

There will be no make-up lessons or excused lessons for those taking group lessons.  Individual monthly statements will be prepared for all students in group lessons and all payment policies will apply.

Appropriate safety measures related to Covid19 will be the responsibility of the parents involved.  Please make arrangements in advance for any changes of schedule related to Covid19 and communicate directly with the teacher and other parents as needed.