Financial Aid

Financial aid is considered on an individual basis.  Financial aid is not given on a merit basis.  All students are considered equally based solely on financial need.  Please fill out the attached pdf file and provide a copy of the first page only of the latest 1040 tax return.  Please make sure that the Social Security numbers and other personal identification information are not visible on the copy submitted with the application.  The copy will be returned to the parent and not kept in any files in the studio.  Your confidential information is extremely protected at all times.  No one will be informed of your scholarship status.

For younger students, parents may help fill out the second page for the student.  When old enough, the student should fill out the second page themselves!

Students who receive financial aid are expected to attend lessons faithfully.  Excessive absence and lack of practice may result in the revocation of the financial aid.  Please schedule a meeting or phone call if there are extenuating circumstances related to absences or other problems related to practice.  I will always want to work with the family to help to make sure that lessons are productive and positive.

Kay Standifer,
Aug 24, 2016, 5:52 PM