Low-Vision and Blind Students

An enlarged printed version of this website information is available upon request.

Piano/keyboard lessons for students with a variety of levels of visual impairment will be taught using the same methods as for sighted students and will use adaptive techniques.  When helpful, a practice CD will be customized for the student’s practice at home.

A digital recorder is also helpful for recording lessons and for practice during the week.  If a digital recorder is used for lessons, please have at least have at least three lessons recorded at any given time so that the student can go back and review as helpful.

The student will be expected to purchase the method books used for the lessons regardless of the level of visual impairment.  This will enable the parent to participate, encourage, and facilitate the practice time between lessons.

Enlarged print music will be provided for low-vision students who are able to use it successfully.  Other adaptive materials will also be prepared in advance for the students’ lessons.

Advanced students who have good skills in reading Braille will be encouraged to interact with Bill McCann at Dancing Dots to purchase Braille music for practice.  Since I don’t read Braille myself, the student will need to be able to read the Braille to me so that together we can interpret the Braille into musical sound.  Together we will also explore other resources for Braille music for practice and performance.


Voice lessons will be taught using the same techniques as for sighted students.  Please refer to the section in this brochure for more information on voice lessons.

Enlarged print music will be provided for those students who will benefit from it.  Students will be expected to purchase all music books used for the lessons.  Parents will then be able to facilitate the practice at home.

When possible, voice students will be provided with customized CD’s containing a track with words only, a track with words and music, then a track with accompaniment only for practice at home.

All students are encouraged to participate in the yearly recital, and in the Ivory Tickles.  Adaptations and accommodations will be made as needed for full participation.