Developmental Disabilities

Students who have developmental disabilities will be evaluated to find music lesson techniques that will give a positive and structured lesson and successful at-home practice techniques and activities.

If there are any therapy practices that are in place or that have been recommended, then the lessons will be formatted to be complementary and coordinated in every way possible.  I am not a music therapist, but I am a music teacher who uses music therapy techniques in my lessons.  Lesson techniques used may be reviewed by any therapist or related professional, and requests from a therapist for reinforcement or changes will be honored.

Parents are encouraged to attend the lessons and at times participate in the lesson.  Lessons may include a variety of musical experiences to help with the development of fine motor skills, focusing on task, and musical expression, or any other identified need.  Consultations will be held frequently with the parent to determine the progress of the lessons and to evaluate for new potential approaches.

I strongly believe that music provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy, learn and participate.  The impact of successful music education on the lives of those with developmental disabilities can be phenomenal.   Music is the universal language for all of us and everyone should have music as a part of their lives.